History of Red Bayou Methodist Church.


Welcome!!! The first Protestant Preaching in Texas was Proclaimed by Reverend William Stevenson in 1817, as he explored the mighty Red River. Reaching Pecan point, the Gospel was heard in a home.

As Newton's Law states, "For every Action, there is a Reaction", Methodism spread to every village along the Red River. Red Bayou Methodist Church was formed and joined the power of the Gospel with the power of education.

For years the two forces met in log houses. Surviving documents refer to events in 1844, as activities at Red Bayou Methodist Church. In 1861, Mr & Mrs J. M. Yates deeded acreage for a church and cemetery to Red Bayou Methodist Church.

Since the early days of Texas' s Republic and Statehood, the Gospel has been proclaimed, and hymns sung by the "Church in the Wildwood"! A warm Welcome greets anyone who seeks divine Love and Grace!